Monday, 23 June 2014

Ronaldo: 'Average' Portugal were never going to win World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo has let it known that he never felt the 'average' nation he captains had a chance of winning the World Cup. Portugal, who Ronaldo famously carried to the World Cup after single-handedly beating Sweden two times last year in World Cup play offs, still have a slim chance of making it to the round of sixteen although Ronaldo has looked to have written off their hopes. To qualify they will need to beat Ghana and call on Germany to beat the United States, and finish with better goal difference than the United states who currently sit on four points and are five goals ahead.

Ronaldo simply said the squad wasn't good enough to fly out of Brazil as champions, and didn't hold back,
 "Maybe we're an average team," Ronaldo said. "It would be a lie to say that we are a 'top' team. We have many limitations and suffer from injuries such as with Pepe [who was suspended for his actions against Germany] and [Fabio] Coentrao. This limits us a lot. We have a very limited team and we are not at the best level. This does not enable you to beat top teams.

"There are no miracles. We knew we would have a tough group, with perhaps teams better than us. I never thought we could be world champions, we have to be humble and know our level. I'm not a hypocrite, I never thought we could win the tournament "

Ronaldo also refused to dwell on the knee injury he carried entering the World Cup, 
 "I don't want to justify myself by talking about my physical problems, that's water under the bridge," he added.

"I'm here, I'm fighting, I'm trying to do my best, I'm running, and obviously it's no use talking about my issues. 

"Every day there's something new in the papers about my knee, and about this and that. That's why I don't want to justify myself. I'm here body and soul to help the national team."

The Portuguese forward spoke of how his country looked tired against the United States, but didn't want to focus on it too long because of his own problems.

"I'm not the most adequate person to answer that question, especially because I don't have the moral high ground here since I haven't been playing the way I would hope lately. 

"Obviously we had a very long season, but every team here did as well. They were also playing the Champions League and cups and leagues, so it's something everyone else could point out as well.

"I don't think we lost the game because our players lacked attitude. Every team comes here to win. We knew we weren't favourites, we have never been."

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